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Edición:eBook (English)
Páginas: 293

"Malina" by Ingeborg Bachmann is a legendary novel exploring love, madness, anxiety, and genius of a writer in Vienna.

Publicado en:
Autor: Ingeborg Bachmann
Géneros: Ficción, Religión
Etiquetas: Inglés, Público adulto
Extracto del libro:

Now a New Directions book, the legendary novel that is “equal to the best of Virginia Woolf and Samuel Beckett” (New York Times Book Review)

In Malina, originally published in German in 1971, Ingeborg Bachmann invites the reader into a world stretched to the very limits of language.

An unnamed narrator, a writer in Vienna, is torn between two men: viewed, through the tilting prism of obsession, she travels further into her own madness, anxiety, and genius. Malina explores love, "deathstyles," the roots of fascism, and passion.

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